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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 2:24pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Revivals of the 1980's

There were a number of songs that returned to the repertoire during the Brent years that had not been performed for varying periods of time. Some are more significant than others, but I have attempted to list them and provide some interesting info. This has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while. So here goes, without caveat or disclaimer except to state that this is by no means necessarily intended to be ‘complete’. The research is my own and based mostly on objective facts, rather than subjective music quality. Although I have struggled to be as accurate as I can with the resources available to me, there are likely to be some errors.

I am using this as an introduction and will place the meat of my post below. This should enable me to make future corrections and additions without bumping the entire thread. Any input is welcomed – if you would be so kind, please make any replies to the main post.

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Poster: stratocaster Date: Mar 18, 2010 6:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

This might be one step removed from what you're doing, but how about I Know You Rider sans China Cat...don't have deadbase in front of me, but i remember them doing it on 03-31-1973 after Truckin', fantastic set, then they play it out of Playin' on 08-05-1989...

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 8:05pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Didn’t think to cross reference in quite that manner! The last time they played I Know You Rider, not proceeded by China Cat, was as you say, in Rochester on 3/31/73 (Other One - Spanish jam – IKYR) The next time is at Brendan Byrne on 11/10/85 (Half Step – IKYR – Playin’ – Uncle John’s – Supplication) Then on7/29/88 they sandwich Crazy Fingers in between China – Rider. Last played sans (China Cat) at the 8/5/89 Cal Expo show you mention – Hey Pocky Way – Playin’ – IKYR – Terrapin.

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Poster: cush212 Date: Mar 19, 2010 9:14am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Not sure if this counts, as it was just from rehearsals but...
"Attics Of My Life" Heard it on Sirius radio yesterday and was thinking it very rare for the time. I seem to be link challenged today, the date is 5/28/1976. Two sources on the Archive, one is "Unknown Venue" the other is "Le Club Front Studios"...

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Poster: elbow1126 Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:00pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Nice work and I like the anti-bump option.

Here's one for you although i guess not actually a revival of the '80s.

The Same Thing
A Willie Dixon tune that Pig sung four times in '66-'67 including 43 years ago today.

After this show the song disappears until NYE 1971

This would be the last time the boys would play the song for over 20 years when it resurfaced as a Bob song at this gig:

The band played it about 40 more times through '95.

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:02pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Excellent! I had that in my original notes – not sure how I missed it. Oh, the pressure . . . thanks elbow.

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Poster: GennyBenni Date: Mar 19, 2010 3:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

That '67 performance is unbelievable.4

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Poster: stratocaster Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:05pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Same Thing is busted out in the second set of 12-28-1991...goes into drums

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Poster: elbow1126 Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:20pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

So it was!! Oddly enough not all the versions available here list it. I assume that is why it didn't come up in my search. Thanks.

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Poster: vapors Date: Jul 11, 2010 12:37pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

This is a revised version of my revivals post. Hope I got it all right this time - and a hearty thanks for all the help. ( ps. does not cover the ‘jams’ )

Perhaps a starting point would be the acoustic shows in the fall of 1980 - at the Warfield, Saenger and Radio City shows, and the subsequent acoustic sets from 12/6/80 Mill Valley, 12/31/80 Oakland, 4/25/81 Berkeley, 5/22/81 Warfield, and the two Amsterdam shows in October 1981. Some of the songs performed were never played again (Dark Hollow, Rosalie McFall, Heaven Help The Fool, Little Sadie, Sage and Spirit) but many of the revivals made it into future (electric) rotation.

Bird Song . . . Last played on 9/15/73 - opens the first acoustic show at the Warfield on 9/25/80 and was played every year thereafter. Here’s a good one from MSG 10/11/83, which also features the first of three Brent era St. Stephens :

China Doll . . . Played post hiatus 3x in 1977, once in 1979 with Brent : (Nice transition back into Playin’)
Returns acoustically on 9/26/80 and is performed until 1994. (see 10/11/83 Bird Song link for another one)

Deep Elem Blues . . . This traditional song was played regularly in 1970, it was then played again once on 11/17/78. Returns next in the acoustic sets on 10/4/80, and is performed through 1983.

Monkey and the Engineer . . . This Jesse Fuller song was played in 1969 and 1970, and returns for the acoustic sets. Next played on the David Letterman show 4/13/82, and only once more (in the second set) on 2/12/89.

Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie . . . This song by Elizabeth Cotton debuted only for the acoustic sets, excepting 3/23/84 when Jerry opens the second set with it, while Bob has equipment issues.

On The Road Again . . . This traditional song was last sung in 1966 by Jerry - Bob revives it on 9/26/80 and it is played fairly infrequently through 1984.

The Race Is On . . . This George Jones song was last played 10/19/74. It returns in the acoustic set on 9/27/80, and is played through Amsterdam. Next played in Sacramento on 5/3/86 and is performed just five more times after that.

Ripple . . . Last played on 4/29/71 – returns for the first Warfield show on 9/25/80 and ends all 27 acoustic sets this year, and also the 1981 acoustic sets. But it was only to be played again once, as the encore 9/3/88 :

To Lay Me Down . . . Last played 10/19/74 – returns to open the acoustic set on 9/26/80. It made rare appearances through 1992, played the most often in 1981 and 1988. Lakeland 11/28/80:

Moving on from the acoustic revivals ……

Attics of My Life . . . Last played on 8/28/72 in Cleveland, it is revived after 17 years in Hampton on 10/9/89, and played on occasion through the last tour.
(This show also features Dark Star and Death Don’t Have No Mercy mentioned below.)

Baby What You Want Me To Do . . . Played once before on 9/7/69 at the Family Dog with other friends, this Jimmy Reed song is performed with Etta James, the Tower of Power horns, and Matt Kelly on harp at the NYE show in Oakland on 12/31/82.
Played again three times in 1985. (see 11/8/85 She Belongs To Me link to hear Brent sing it)

Big Boss Man . . . This Dixon/Smith song was originally recorded by Jimmy Reed in 1960, and last sung by Pigpen on 5/25/72 in London. It is revived on 12/26/81 with Jerry singing and played very rarely - 15 times in all - through the last tour. ( Eleven jam also played here)

Big Boy Pete . . . Last performance was on 9/20/70. It was played acoustically at the Rambler Room (Loyola College) 11/17/78 and revived once on 11/21/85 in Oakland :

Big Railroad Blues . . . Last played 10/19/74, revived on 2/17/79 during Keith and Donna’s last show.
First Brent performance12/7/79. In rotation through 1995, performed less frequently in the 90s.

Box of Rain . . . Last played at Watkins Glen on 7/28/73, it returns in Hampton on 3/20/86 to end the first set : Stayed in rotation right up through the last show.

Broke Down Palace . . . last played on 10/14/77 and revived on 12/26/79 : Played through the last tour, almost always as the encore.

Casey Jones . . . last played on 10/17/74 and revived on 10/2/77, it is played with increasing infrequency up to 8/3/82, returns for two 1984 performances, put away again until 6/20/92 and only performed three more time after that.

China Cat Sunflower . . . Last played on 10/20/74, it is revived once on 12/29/77, and not heard again until four performances from the Godchaux’s last tour (2/79). Played regularly thereafter.

Comes A Time . . . Performed in the years 1971, 1972, 1976 and 1977, it is played once each in 1978 and 1979, and then seven times in 1980. Here’s the first one with Brent :
Broken out again for the twenty year anniversary shows at the Greek Theatre on 6/14/85.
This show also features the first of four performances of Keep On Growing, a tune from the Derek and The Dominoes album Layla.
Played 11 times in 1985, 7 in 1986, and very rarely after that.

Crazy Fingers . . . Played twice in 1975, nine times in 1976. Made its glorious return in Ventura on 7/18/82, played seven times that year, once in 1983 and not heard again until Providence 4/4/85. It then stayed in the repertoire through the final tour in 1995.

Cryptical . . . Played regularly from 1967 through 1971, Cryptical is last heard on 9/23/72 (only 1972 performance.) Makes its triumphant return at the Greek on 6/16/85 :
It is played twice on summer tour – Cincinnati 6/24 and Merriweather 6/30 - then in Ventura 7/13/85 and finally Kansas City 9/3/85.
( Keep On Growing also played here, not to mention a mind bending Shakedown )

Cumberland . . . Last played on 10/18/74, Cumberland makes its return in Long Beach 8/27/81 - the recording from the next one (8/30/81) is somewhat better :
- and is performed up until the last show 7/9/95.

Dark Star . . . Played regularly from 1967 through 1974, it is revived on 12/31/78 at Winterland, and played twice in January 1979. Next played on 12/31/81 where it starts off the third set :
Emerges again as the encore at the Greek on 7/13/84 :
- and is put away again for over five years until the Warlocks show in Hampton 10/9/89.
It is thereafter performed occasionally through spring 1994.

Death Don’t Have No Mercy . . . This Rev. Gary Davis song was last played 12/21/70, it is brought back after almost 19 years for four shows; 9/29/89, 10/9/89, 10/19/89, and 4/2/90 :

Don’t Ease Me In . . . Traditional song last played on 8/6/74, it is performed again three times in Feb 1979 and regularly thereafter.

Dupree’s Diamond Blues . . . Put away after 7/11/69, Dupree’s is next performed at four shows in 1977 and then two in 1978.
Returns as the encore in Oregon 8/28/82 :
Performed regularly through 1985, it is performed with less frequency through 1994.

Frozen Logger . . . played briefly a few times by Bob during equipment issue breaks (lastly on 8/25/72) he tries it one time again on 9/7/85.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl . . . A Sonny Boy Williamson song last played 9/19/70 and brought out on 8/22/87 with Carlos Santana sitting in.
Played only seven more times ( in the 90s.)

Greatest Story Ever Told . . . Last played on 10/18/74 and revived on 2/17/79. Next heard again on 8/31/79 with Brent and played through the last tour.

Hard To Handle . . . This Otis Redding song was last performed on 8/26/71, and it is played two times more as an encore with Etta James singing and the Tower of Power horns on 12/30/82 and 12/31/82 in Oakland.
The 12/31/82 show is linked above w/ Baby What You Want Me To Do.

Help On The Way / Slipknot / Franklin’s Tower . . . Performed from 1975 through 10/11/77 (although they continued to play Franklin’s by itself) - it is revived on 3/25/83 in Tempe. Played fairly often in 1983 and 1984, twice in 1985. Returns next at the Hampton Warlocks shows on 10/8/89 and stays in rotation until 1995.

Hey Jude . . . Played twice before on 2/11/69 and 3/31/69, this Beatles song is heard again (just the reprise ending) after Dear Mr. Fantasy at Red Rocks 9/7/85. It appears in the same format again 14 times in 1988, 9 in 1989, and 4 in 1990.

Hideaway . . . this Freddie King instrumental was played once on 11/7/71 and then only once again on 6/21/89 at Shoreline (with some technical difficulties) :

High Time . . . After a performance on 9/25/70, High Time is revived on 6/9/76, played nine times that year and three times in 1977. Revived on 2/17/79 and next performed with Brent on 11/10/79:
Played somewhat infrequently through 1995.

I Just Want To Make Love To You . . . This Willie Dixon was played once on 11/29/66, twice in 1984 and then once more in 1995.

It’s All Over Now Baby Blue . . . Dylan song, performed 22 times 1966-1974, it is revived in Seattle on 8/14/81 and stayed in rotation as an encore (some exceptions during 1987 Dylan tour) through 1995.

King Bee . . . Last sung by Pigpen on 12/15/71 and next sung by Bob two times; 12/8/93 and 3/31/94.

La Bamba . . . This Ritchie Valens song made a brief appearance in Good Lovin’ on 11/11/70 and is played four times in 1987, also in a Good Lovin’ sandwich.

Loose Lucy . . . last performed at Winterland on 10/19/74, it returns to the repertoire on 3/14/90 and is played through the last tour.

Louie Louie . . . performed on 9/7/69 by Jerry with some of Jefferson Airplane, and then an instrumental tease on 6/7/70 (Bob: ‘hey man none of us knows that song’), this song was originally written and recorded by Richard Berry; the remake by The Kingsmen became quite popular. Sung by Brent five times in 1988, once more in 1989.

Midnight Hour . . . First played in 1966, last played 4/29/71 and put away until 12/31/82 when it is one of the encores played with Rick Danko and Maria Muldar :
Played infrequently, more often in 1985 and 1986, until 1994. ( Played with Santana on 8/22/87 – above Schoolgirl link)

New Orleans . . . played three times in 1970, it is revived once on 6/14/84 (with The Band):

She Belongs To Me . . . This Dylan song was played once on 1/7/66 and next in Providence on 4/4/85. Played a total of nine times in 1985 only.
Here’s one from Rochester 11/8/85 :

St. Stephen . . . Played 1968 through 10/31/71, the mighty St. Stephen is reborn, at a slower tempo, on 6/9/76 and was played throughout 1976 and 1977, four times in 1978 and then in Nassau on 1/10/79. It reappears at MSG on 10/11/83 (link above w/ Bird Song) and is only performed two more times – 10/15/83 and 10/31/83. Here is the Hartford rendition :

Smokestack Lightning . . . A song by Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Burnett), last sung by Pigpen on 3/23/72 and isn’t heard again until the jam out of Truckin’ on 4/9/83. It returns with Bob singing (and no harmonica) on 10/9/84 and is played occasionally until 1994.

The Same Thing . . . A Willie Dixon tune sung four times by Pigpen in 1966 and 1967, it is performed one last time on 12/31/71 : and revived by Bob on 12/28/91. Played hence through the last tour.

The Wheel . . . played regularly from 6/3/76 until 10/30/77, it is performed once in 1978 and once in 1979. Returns to regular rotation on 8/17/80.

Turn On Your Lovelight . . . This Malone/Scott composition was first recorded by Bobby Bland in 1961. Last played in London on 5/24/72, Bob brings it back for one 1981 appearance in Amsterdam on 10/16/81:
Next performed twice in 1982, it is brought back again on 7/7/84 and stays in steady rotation thereafter.

Walking Blues . . . Played once on 10/7/66, this Robert Johnson song’s next performance is on 5/28/82, to be followed by four in 1985. In 1987 it enters regular rotation through 1995.

Walking the Dog . . . Written and released by Rufus Thomas in 1963, the Dead played it twice in 1970. It returns for a rare appearance on 3/29/84, then three 1985 performances. It is next (and last) heard on the Letterman show 9/17/87.

We Bid You Goodnight . . . Last heard at Winterland on 12/31/78, it is sung again at Alpine Valley on 7/17/89:
It makes six 1989 appearances, four in 1990, and a final performance in Boston on 9/26/91.

Werewolves of London . . . Played 9 times in 1978, this Warren Zevon song was brought out for Halloween in 1985, 1990 and 1991.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Mar 18, 2010 6:18pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Hey D--though I dropped out by then, and thus don't have things to add, just wanted to complement you on all this work, and your attn to detail (like the "non bump" little trick; great idea!).

Anyways, great to see you 80s folks really taking it on in a big way; has to be good for the board since clearly so many enjoyed them, and still do, in spite of all the trouble making old farts sometimes inhibiting such matters (never, never intentionally on my part).

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Poster: fenario80 Date: Mar 18, 2010 4:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Interesting thread; nice job. \

I believe there are more - "Must Have Been The Roses," for example. My own pet theory has been that some were dropped because of horrible vocals (I'm looking at you, Ms. Godcheaux)and revived when those were no longer a threat.

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 6:20pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Thank you. It Must Have been The Roses was first performed on 2/22/74 and was played in every year thereafter. (159 times)

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Poster: fenario80 Date: Mar 18, 2010 8:30pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

hey, sorry. in no way meant to disparage the evident knowledge and work that went into your post. no offense intended: I'm in sleep deprivation mode, was mostly trying to stay awake through the last hour of work, and was obviously talking out my ass. peace

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 8:54pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

No worries here. And I apologize if my reply seemed haughty – a bit sleep deprived myself.

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:57pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Good work.

I have some additions for you:

Brokedown Palace - last played 10-14-77; revived 12-26-79.

Hey Jude - last played 3-1-69; revived 9-7-85.

I Just Want To Make Love To You - last played 11-29-66; played twice in '84 and once in '95.

King Bee - last played 12-15-71; played twice in the '90s.

Morning Dew - a questionable entry perhaps. Fairly common in early '77 until 6-7-77; then played once in '78 (4-15-78) and once in '79 (11-8-79), and four times in 1980; started becoming more common in August '81.
(Cold Rain & Snow is another one that was quite rare in the late-Keith days - only played twice in '77, three times in '78, once in Jan '79.)

One-time only performances:

Big Boy Pete - last electric performance 9-20-70; was played acoustically 11-17-78; revived once 11-21-85.

New Orleans - last played 11-8-70; revived once 6-21-84 (with the Band).

Frozen Logger - last "played" 8-25-72; revived once 9-7-85.

Hideaway - last played 11-7-71; played once 6-21-89.

Then there's a very large category of songs that were dropped for whatever reason, that were revived in Keith's last month, Feb '79. Though not strictly "Brent-era" revivals, they should also be mentioned:

Big Railroad Blues - last played 10-19-74; revived 2-17-79; first Brent performance 12-7-79.

Greatest Story Ever Told - last played 10-18-74; revived 2-17-79.

High Time - last played 5-26-77; revived 2-17-79; not played with Brent til Nov '79.

The Wheel - was a regular in '77 until 10-30-77; played once in '78 (2-3-78); revived 2-17-79; then vanished again & revived again 8-17-80.

Don't Ease Me In - last played 8-6-74; revived in Feb '79 and played 3 times that month, & regularly thereafter.

China Cat Sunflower - after 10-20-74, was played once in '77 (12-29-77), not at all in '78; revived four times in Feb '79 (starting 2-3-79) & played regularly thereafter.

(It's notable how many Garcia songs were played only once, or not at all, in 1978, even when they'd been regulars in '77 - China Doll, Comes a Time, High Time, Morning Dew, Wheel, Brokedown... Not a good year for Garcia ballads.)

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 19, 2010 4:02am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Many thanks, I knew I would miss some. I found a couple more, like How Long Blues and Louie Louie. I will see what else shakes out and work on updating my post this weekend. I quite enjoyed doing it, even if I’m not sure what value it has.

This was an academic exercise that I wanted to attempt, mainly driven by the great joy I experienced being in attendance when the band broke out a cherished and rare song from the old days. I originally was going to have the subject be ‘Revivals and Breakouts’ but quickly realized it would be too much. It is tricky to be as accurate and informative as possible - which is certainly easier today than it was before the advent of the internet - because some of the data out there is inconsistent and conflicting. I was a bit daunted and wary about such a large effort, but as you have stated before, persistence is the key. Your works, in addition to being splendidly informative, have inspired me greatly, as does your continued knack of ‘leading by example’.

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Mar 19, 2010 10:53am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

I didn't get into '90s revivals in my additions, but it sounds like you have a bunch of those to put on the list too. Might as well...
Louie Louie is a tricky case - the 9-7-69 performance is just Garcia w/ some of Jefferson Airplane, and 6-7-70 is just a tease.
But it reminds me of:
La Bamba - played 11-11-70 (in Good Lovin'); revived 4 times in Sept '87.
Casey Jones should probably make the list as well, since it was revived three times - in '77, '84, and '92.

Lists like these are much easier with collaborations. It's impossible to remember everything on your own (for instance, I didn't even know there was a How Long, or Hideaway, in '89, til others mentioned it). You had half a list; now with everyone chipping in you'll have the Definitive Revival List.

And, a minor point - but ordering the list is also important - you have it in random order now, but alphabetical would be useful, and chronological would be intriguing.

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Poster: lobster12 Date: Mar 18, 2010 5:11pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

great thread. looking at the list it got me thinking what kinda of crap shoot the dead set list was night to night. I saw roughly 75 plus shows and only got morning dew 3 times all of them after Hornsby left the band. On the flip side I got every performance of the rare Nobody's fault But Mine after it came back in 1991

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Poster: AshesRising Date: Mar 18, 2010 4:56pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

vapors: ..that is a tremendous amount of work!.. that's some real deadication [no pun intended]. Unfortunately I can't add anything; just wanted to thank you for all that work.

"It's one in ten thousand that come for the show,"
--- AshesRising

PS: check out "To Lay Me Down" from Lake Placid [Oct. 17,, 1983] chorus is over-the-top

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 6:36pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Although I was living 1334 miles away at the time, I had graduated from a college near Lake Placid the previous year and couldn’t keep myself from returning for this show. So glad I did. I love this song! Here is Hunter’s matrix of this show:

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Poster: cowboyth24 Date: Mar 19, 2010 5:13pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Great thread indeed. This is a very interesting and informative discussion. Much appreciated. As far as your alma matter, I'm guessing Plattsburgh or Paul Smith's?

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 20, 2010 5:37am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Paul Smiths. Had a great time during my 1.5 years living inside the blue line and made many excursions to see the boys from there. I went to many shows in the great state of NY and seeing that you live near Syracuse was curious if and when you also had the opportunity to see the band there?

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Poster: cowboyth24 Date: Mar 20, 2010 3:48pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Well I grew up a Schenectady/Adirondack kid, so most of my shows were the Knick, MSG, Nassau, Philly, & Meadowlands.
Did make it out to Darien Lake, for Other ones in 2000 w/ Ziggy and Jorma, and then again for Phil and amigos in '06. Would not mind sneaking out to western NY this summer to catch the Art Park show however.

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Poster: AshesRising Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:30pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

vapors: ..great background info.! I am so glad you returned for that show. .."something" really did happen inside that arena that night, hey[?] ...I saw hundreds of shows and I always return to this one and the 2nd set of 9/26/'91 as the ones that seem to keep "calling" me. ..It wasn't until I saw your post that I realized I witnessed the last "We Bid You Goodnight." [even got the DVD of that one]

Sincerely -- Thank you very much,
--- AshesRising

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Poster: barongsong Date: Mar 18, 2010 9:17pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

I'll second that emotion.

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Poster: billydlions Date: Mar 18, 2010 5:05pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Very nice job Vapors and hello to you Ashes. I could go on about how many of these songs were better in their 80's arrangement, but I don't want to turn this thread negative!

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 6:40pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Much appreciated – you got to accentuate the positive!

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Poster: barongsong Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

I believe the Spanish Jam was performed quite a few times in the early 80's but for sure had been a long time when this
one came out. Note: Spanish Jam is sometimes called Bollero Jam for whatever reason in some early 80's shows.
Also not sure if this Other One jam counts but certainly a rarity after 74.
Also New Speedway Boogie, The Last Time, and Here Comes Sunshine were also revived in the early 90's.

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Poster: vapors Date: Mar 18, 2010 7:40pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

I struggled a bit with the jams – and when to draw the line. That Other One jam apparently is the only one after 1974 – good call. I chose the Brent years – perhaps revivals post Brent merit some attention too. There were many fabulous ones (in theory at least) like Here Comes Sunshine, Unbroken Chain (ok, not a revival since they hadn’t played it live before,) New Speedway Boogie, I’m A King Bee, It Takes A Train To Cry.

(I see that you added some of these before I could respond.) ps. The Rolling Stones song The Last Time was first played on 2/25/90.

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Poster: barongsong Date: Mar 18, 2010 9:23pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

Yea I figured at first it was just from the 80's but saw the Same Thing and Nobody's Fault from the 90's and thought I'd throw some more in too. Casey Jones is another one.
As for "The Last Time" I could have swore they did it in 66-67 but I'm not very good with the search stuff so I'll take your word for it.

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Poster: Edsel Date: Mar 18, 2010 5:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Revivals of the 1980's

most excellent